You might be a shoe addict if…

you have more than 30 pairs in your closet.

of said pairs, you have owned several since you were in eighth grade.

you organize your closet around shoe space.

you pick out outfits based on shoes, not the other way around.

they seem to take over every room of the house.

your grandma’s cousin’s roommate’s daughter calls to see if she can borrow a pair for her daughter’s play.

you have a pair for every occasion, including your long lost half-brother’s bar mitzvah.

you spend more money on shoes than on groceries.

you donate ten pairs and still can’t find the floor.

your true love in life is not your boyfriend or girlfriend, but a pair of blue Nike high tops.

You “shoes” board on Pinterest has 546 pins; the next closest is “hairstyles” at 140.

Your Christmas list is comprised of DSW, Off Broadway and Payless gift cards. And nothing else.

Your husband piles up all the shoes you’ve left in the entryway in front of the door and you can’t open it.

You have a pair of brown high, brown low, black high, black low, ankle, heel and flat boots and can still think of reasons why you need another pair.