Each month, I will choose a different shoe to feature and talk about. I will cover everything from running shoes to sandals to heels. As always, I welcome any comments or suggestions; if you want to cover a certain shoe, let me know, and we’ll talk about it! This will happen every month, so get your suggestions in!.

Friday, October 10: The kitten heel

The kitten heel is a fabulous fall pick.

The kitten heel is a fabulous fall pick.

There are two reasons I’m selecting these particular shoes for October. The first is that the low heel is ALWAYS appropriate for work. It looks classy, is easy to wear, and will dress up everything from jeans on casual Friday to tights underneath a sweater dress. Plus, as the weather starts to cool, and rain, possibly even snow, makes its way into our days, it’s safer to wear than pumps.

The second reason is that this pair in particular is a beautiful maroon color, perfect for fall. It goes with black, it goes with gray, and yes, in small doses, it even goes with that burnt orange color that you see everywhere in the fall season. Seriously, you can pair these babies with almost any fall outfit. Scared it might be too cool? Tights, my friends, tights.

Until next time, shoe lovers!

Tuesday, September 9: Classic black pump


Love my black pumps for the fall season.

You may be asking yourself: why has she chosen a pump for September? Isn’t it cooling off outside? Why wouldn’t she talk about boots? The answer, shoe lovers, is because the classic black pump is the perfect fall heel.

I say that because black goes with everything. In a season where skinny jeans are brought out and tights are worn under dresses and skirts, pumps make a cute addition to any fall attire. Try pairing them with some black tights, a pretty pink knee-length skirt and black top with jacket. Or rock them with dark wash skinny jeans and a chunky sweater. Seriously, it works.

However, keep in mind that they are pumps. I do NOT recommend purchasing a cheap brand; trust me your feet, knees, hips and back will pay for it (among other things). Go with something a little nicer, Nine West perhaps.

Until next time, shoe lovers!

Monday, August 11: Rain boots


Rain boots in August? Believe it or not!

It’s been an unusual summer here in Colorado. For once, we’ve had consistent rain. Everything is green and growing, and we aren’t as concerned about drought conditions as we were in past summers.

In that spirit, this month’s shoe selection is the rain boot. I know, I know, it’s a better choice for April showers, but honestly, it’s cool to talk about them in August. I have two pairs of rain boots, but I prefer to wear my polka dot green and black ones. I highly suggest something like these for any rainy season or climate.

You can find them at most any outdoor gear shop (Bass Pro Shops, Cabela’s, etc.), at least, that’s where you’ll find the high-quality ones. I suggest pairing them with knee-high socks for a cute look, and also for a little extra protection for your feet. Since rain boots are rubber and not exactly comfortable, longer socks can protect against blisters.

Until next time, shoe lovers!