According to DSW, Oct. 25 is National Shoe Lover’s Day. And I’m instantly in absolute bliss. A day dedicated to shoes?! Where to begin, how to celebrate, which shoes to celebrate in???? In honor of the day, I’d like to list why it is I love shoes so much:

  • They protect my feet from foreign and terrible objects (aka rocks, thorns, legos…).
  • Shoes make or break an outfit. The right pair screams amazing, but the wrong pair demonstrates lack of pride in one’s appearance.
  • EVERYONE notices shoes. People are always commenting on shoes, whether it’s awesome gym kicks or fabulous high heels.
  • There’s so many styles to choose from, you can’t possibly get bored or say they aren’t interesting.
  • They take me places (runs, walks, basketball gyms, the clubs, a fancy dinner, etc.).
  • There’s a shoe for every occasion. Go ahead, try to name an occasion there isn’t a shoe for (and the beach and swimming don’t count because there are tons of beach and water shoes out there).
  • Specifically, running shoes are so dang comfy these days.
  • And heels, even though not comfy, are so darling, how can you resist?
  • Don’t lie, you know when you put on your favorite Nike’s that you feel like you’re worth a million bucks.
  • More to that point, they have attitude. Slippers says, relax, sit back and rest. Power pumps help your raise argument.

There are just so many more reasons to love shoes. So on this day, National Shoe Lover’s Day, let’s all just take a minute to say, I love my shoes!

Until next time, shoe lovers!