It starts with a pair of cute brown leather boots your mom buys you in high school; the first pair you’ve ever owned that cost over $80. It picks up momentum when you discover that you need about 5 different pairs to run track and 5 different pairs to survive a Gunnison, CO winter. And it becomes full-fledged when you find out that even though you are 5’10” your husband (boyfriend at the time) doesn’t mind if you wear heels despite the fact that it makes you taller than him.

I’m talking about shoe addiction. From running shoes to heels, from flats to slouch boots, shoes come in so many varieties, colors, shapes, and sizes that it’s impossible to have them all. But I sure can try! And now my love for all things shoes has blossomed into a blog where other people who suffer from similar symptoms can gather with me and share their experiences.

This blog is dedicated to shoes, feet, what’s proper, what’s not, and everything in between. So if you have something to say about anything relating to shoes, ANYTHING at all, this is the place for you. Whether you want to learn a little something about the proper way to fit a running shoe or where to find a great deal, I am your woman, and this is your site.