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I had this interesting thought today: why is it that women always seem to have the obsession with shoes (and accessories in general, but that’s a whole other beast)? Why is it when we start talking shoes, guys roll their eyes like we’re crazy? Further, do men have the same addiction to shoes, not just ATVs and motorcycles? And then this thought struck me: is it this way because society makes it so?

Our perceptions and behaviors are shaped by society around us and certain expectations that have been set in place. Whether these are old-school social tendencies that were set in place years ago when certain events hadn’t occurred yet (think women’s suffrage here), or they are new ones set in place in the past five years, certain behaviors are often shaped by what we’re told by others. (Where these “others” get their ideas is also a completely different discussion, one best left to someone other than a lowly shoe addict.)

Now, maybe this is too deep a subject to apply to something as small as shoes. But I don’t think so. I’d be interested to know: for the guys out there, who has a shoe addiction? What kind of shoes? What do you love about them? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Until next time, shoe lovers!


Resisting the Urge to Buy Shoes


I just had to say no to these adorable polka dotted shoes.

I did it. Over the Christmas/New Year’s Eve break I resisted the urge to buy a new pair of shoes. I had some support from a friend, but I think all addicts have to start somewhere.

I was in Forever 21 shopping with said friend. She was looking for a New Year’s outfit, I was along for support. Or so I thought. I saw them from across the store: pink platform heels with black polka dots. If you follow me on Pinterest, you will know that I have been OBSESSING over polka dots lately. So naturally I had to have them.

But I also knew we were about to go snowboarding and we just spent all our money on Christmas. So I carried them around with me for a bit. I even texted a picture to my husband to gauge what he would say if I did buy them. The response was less than enthused. And my shopping buddy warned that he would never let me hang out with her again if I came home with shoes.

So I sighed and put them back, and walked slowly away, facing them the whole time. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my life. But it was a big accomplishment and I’m really proud at the steps I’ve been taking! So remember, when you can’t walk away from a pair of shoes, dig deep, get some help and move on.

Until next time, shoe lovers!

Scary Halloween Addictions


Jack-o-lanterns aren’t that scary, but a shoe addiction is.

Is your wife or daughter constantly going shopping? Are you finding bags and boxes from designers you’ve never heard of? Does your mom have a separate account she hides from your dad so she can go buy more pairs of shoes?

Yes, guys, I’m talking to YOU. These are all signs of a (not-so) rare addiction that can be helped only through the greatest of interventions: shoes! (Signal to play music from Psycho in the scene where she gets stabbed.) This is a very scary thing, and when it comes to Halloween, don’t let it overtake your fun. Get her help. Otherwise her (and I’m guessing your’s as well) closet will look like mine.

So while you’re watching American Horror Story remember that there is a greater horror story that could be going in your bank account. Happy Halloween folks and don’t forget to tune in this Friday for the shoe of the week!

The rule for me is: for every new pair of shoes you get, you have to donate three pairs. That’s straight from my husband’s mouth. In true addict fashion, I guiltily admit that I do not always abide by it; it’s more of an option in my eyes.

All jumbled around, it really does appear that I have a problem…

The other day, we were cleaning our house very thoroughly and he asked if I was going to tackle my shoes. Meaning they were taking over the closet and spilling out into the room.

So I finally did it today (I took my time getting around to it). And looking at how nice they look, I had an epiphany: organizing them makes my shoe collection look way smaller than it really is.

Now when he says you have too many shoes, I’ll just show him the organization and say, “It’s not that bad. Look: there’s plenty of closet space.”

To those of you out there with this problem, I highly recommend this method to make your addiction appear not so out of control. It’s pretty sweet.

…but organized, it just looks like a typical woman’s closet!

Thanks for shoes

As a shoe addict, every time I buy a pair I get a huge rush. But I really need to slow down and think of all the reasons I’m thankful for shoes instead of just focusing on the high I get from buying them! So here it goes.

I’m thankful for shoes because…

They let me enjoy things like hiking, running, and dancing.

They make my feet feel comfortable during work.

The heels make my legs and butt look nice!

Their colors and styles represent my eccentric personality.

There are so many styles out there I can have one for every outfit.

Even when I’m relaxing, I can wear slippers!

I have protection against the craziness of nature.

I can bond with other shoe addicts over one common subject.

My knowledge about them can be shared with others.

They are the only thing I’ve ever collected.

There are so many other reasons to be thankful for shoes. Please share the reasons why you are thankful for them, or anything else! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!