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Importance of Information

Brooks Pure Cadence

Trying to find the right pair of running shoes starts with an information exchange.

You’re at the running shoe store. You’re looking at the seemingly endless rows of shoes, all in different brands, colors, styles. Trying to decipher which one is best for you is like trying to figure out Quantum physics. Ok, maybe that’s extreme. But if you are just starting out and have no idea which shoe “fits”, it can be tough.

Take a deep breath. There are a few things that can help! First, there should be an associate there to help you, asking all the right questions to get you into the perfect pair. If they aren’t, ask for someone. Assuming there is, he or she will probably ask you a series of questions, and it’s very important that you know how to answer them.

Pay attention to how your shoes wear out; that info is helpful. More wear on the outside or inside of the sole of a shoe can shed light on what kind of stride you are prone to. (While this isn’t always the best way to determine stride, it is one place to start. And trust me, types of stride is a whole ‘nother topic to save for a different day.)

Also pay attention to what’s painful or comfortable about the shoes you wear. Do they pinch your toes? Feel too slim? Rub your Achilles? Leave blisters anywhere? Feel like heavenly memory foam? These are questions you will most likely get asked, so having some idea of answers ahead of time is helpful.

Set some goals. How far do you plan on running? Pavement or trail? Are you training for a race? Again, thinking about this only helps ensure you get a great pair of sneaks.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions either. Ask for brand reviews. Ask which hold up the best or which seem to have a wider toe box. Ask which can help you improve your stride. (Again, a topic for another day!) The more information exchanged, the better.

This is just the topping, the beginning. There’s a whole world filled with running shoes out there. Don’t be afraid to explore it!

Until next time, shoe lovers!

Brooks Pure Cadence

When I put on my running shoes, I feel like I could run for miles.

Can shoes alter one’s personality? I would very heavily argue yes. Ok, it’s not like you can put on a pair of knee-high gold-lined boots and suddenly become Wonder Woman or wear some black leather combats and suddenly you’re Batman.

What I’m saying is that certain pairs of shoes can feel empowering. For example, I bought a pair of motorcycle boots this weekend. (I donated six pairs to Goodwill last weekend, therefore I was granted permission to get a new pair for those of you wondering why my husband allowed that.) When I wear them, I feel pretty badass. I feel like I could drive a motorcycle, kick butt in a bar brawl and street dance with the best talent out there.

But anyone who knows me knows full well that I don’t have a motorcycle license, I have skinny little chicken arms that couldn’t knock out an elderly woman, and I certainly can’t dance, at least not well. I kind of wriggle around and pretend I can dance; usually I’ve had some liquid courage at that point.

This happens to me a lot. When I don my running shoes, I feel like a marathoner, even though recently I can hardly run 2.5 miles. When I put on my cowgirl boots, I want to swing dance and ride a horse. My point is that sometimes specialty shoes can encourage confidence and help uncover hidden passions. Not every shoe is capable of this (I’m thinking your worn-out work tennis shoes that you mow the lawn in…but you never know).

Seriously think about it the next time you slip on your favs; why are they your favorite, what do they inspire in you, how do you feel when you wear them? Who knows, maybe your boots will inspire you to fly the Invisible Airplane.

Until next time, shoe lovers.

I got a new job; finally I was able to break into the journalism world! It has offered a lot of exciting opportunities as well as a great career change, but it has also rendered another change: a change in shoes.

Brooks Pure Cadence

I got spoiled wearing running shoes to work every day…

When I worked at Dick’s Sporting Goods, I wore athletic shoes every day, and it really spoiled me in terms of comfort. I got to choose from the plethora of Sauconys, Brooks, Mizunos, and Asics in my closet knowing that I would feel good about my choice. I knew I would be comfortable every day without even having to think about it.

When I worked there, I only wore heels to go out or for special occasions. I enjoyed wearing them because I loved looking good, and, let’s face it, I loved the way they made my legs look. But I always ended the night thinking, “Boy, I’m glad I get to take these off”. After just a few hours, they did start to hurt.

But now I’m wearing them for work. Granted, this is not required; I can always wear flats or kitten heels. But of course, as said before, they make you look good. They can also make you look more professional. So now I’m trying to find a comfy pair that looks good but doesn’t leave my feet screaming for mercy.

There’s always going to be changes when switching jobs,but most people don’t think about the changes in shoes. Only us addicts really think about that!

Charlotte Russe special

Yeah you look fine, but in a few hours you will feel the opposite.

Like the feel, like the motion, like the shoes.

Merriam-Webster defines cadence as “the beat, time, or measure of rhythmical motion or activity”. And no definition is more fitting of a shoe as this for the new Brooks PureCadence.

I recently donned a pair of these shoes for a run and I felt the beat move through my body almost instantly. For those of you unfamiliar with the new minimalist movement, the Pure Project by Brooks is a lightweight line designed to offer some support while cutting down on the weight of the shoe. The Cadence is the highest stability shoe in the line.

As I was running, I felt as if there were no shoes at all on my feet; I felt like I wanted to run faster. The natural motion of my body swung into full rhythm from the moment I began running to the moment I stopped. The beat of my feet kept me propelling forward. The measure of my stride was a mid-foot strike, and I loved every second.

I can tell from this one run I’m going to form a beautiful, musical relationship with the PureCadence.