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Brooks Pure Cadence

When I put on my running shoes, I feel like I could run for miles.

Can shoes alter one’s personality? I would very heavily argue yes. Ok, it’s not like you can put on a pair of knee-high gold-lined boots and suddenly become Wonder Woman or wear some black leather combats and suddenly you’re Batman.

What I’m saying is that certain pairs of shoes can feel empowering. For example, I bought a pair of motorcycle boots this weekend. (I donated six pairs to Goodwill last weekend, therefore I was granted permission to get a new pair for those of you wondering why my husband allowed that.) When I wear them, I feel pretty badass. I feel like I could drive a motorcycle, kick butt in a bar brawl and street dance with the best talent out there.

But anyone who knows me knows full well that I don’t have a motorcycle license, I have skinny little chicken arms that couldn’t knock out an elderly woman, and I certainly can’t dance, at least not well. I kind of wriggle around and pretend I can dance; usually I’ve had some liquid courage at that point.

This happens to me a lot. When I don my running shoes, I feel like a marathoner, even though recently I can hardly run 2.5 miles. When I put on my cowgirl boots, I want to swing dance and ride a horse. My point is that sometimes specialty shoes can encourage confidence and help uncover hidden passions. Not every shoe is capable of this (I’m thinking your worn-out work tennis shoes that you mow the lawn in…but you never know).

Seriously think about it the next time you slip on your favs; why are they your favorite, what do they inspire in you, how do you feel when you wear them? Who knows, maybe your boots will inspire you to fly the Invisible Airplane.

Until next time, shoe lovers.


I can NEVER make up my mind. In fact, it occupies almost my entire morning. Yes, sometimes choosing an outfit is hard and that will take up time. But even harder is choosing which pair of shoes I’m going to wear.

Ah such a reliable boot!

Ah such a reliable boot!

It’s not like I have a lot of options (ok that’s a lie). But in all seriousness, there are only a handful of shoes I own that are work appropriate. I can’t wear vinyl neon orange pumps (they’re slightly uncomfortable anyway), I can’t wear 6-inch heels (not only inappropriate, but also dangerous), and I certainly can’t wear my Asics not matter how badly I want to.

So it’s down to black pumps, robin hood boots, brown ankle boots, two different pairs of flats, three styles of wedges or black ankle boots. You can imagine the conundrum that I go through every morning.

This morning was different. I woke up tired, I knew I had to go Christmas shopping after work (something I dread doing), so I had no problem choosing the robin hood boots. Warm, reliable, comfy, I knew these guys would come through for me.

And who knows: maybe I’ll find a new pair at the mall tonight! (In my defense to my husband, I haven’t bought a pair since October and I’m having SERIOUS withdrawals.)

Until next time, shoe lovers!


These are my husband’s favorite!

It’s the first time I’ve ever heard him say it. MY husband ACTUALLY said that he has a favorite among all my pairs of shoes. He ACTUALLY admitted that there’s a pair of shoes he likes. All I can say is, he better be careful because I’m the kind of girl that will go out and buy several more pairs of the same style.

This pair is none other than my chunky brown ankle boots that I would classify as motorcycle style. They are a bit narrow in the front, are NOT logical for walking around in, and are probably one of my favorites as well.

They have a suede texture to them, have buckles at the top, and lace up the front. Such a classic look. And they go with almost everything, even darker colors that I would traditionally pair black shoes with. I think it’s because of the bad-girl style that they remotely imitate.

And that’s the best part: it’s not like they’re unprofessional. In fact, I wear them to work often. And out. And to dinner. I wore them shopping once, but that was dumb. No matter what the occasion, it seems that these shoes are a reason to be thankful that I have an addiction. What shoes are you thankful for?

Until next time, shoe lovers!

Decorating My Own Shoes

I got the idea from an episode of Best Ink. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it was a show about tattooers who were competing for money. All in all, it was slightly dumb but still fun to watch. Some of them were actually pretty good, but of course it ended up being more about the drama. I digress.

I got the idea from that show. One challenge was to paint a pair of boots. (The boots weren’t real, just a 3-D canvas shaped like boots.) They had to use ingenuity to paint a design on the boots. I want to do that, just on a real pair.

One guys painted this tiger eye with the surrounding facial fur; it was a really neat design and looked way cool. I would wear those. I love tigers. I think I would also paint something like a hippie boot, with tons of colors and peace signs. I love colors.

All I need now is a pair of blank white boots that take fabric paint, paint that will hold up to the beating a shoe can take, and oh yeah, I need to learn how to draw. Peace signs are easy enough but if I wanted to do something cool (like a tiger) I would need some artistic talent. Maybe I’ll just hire someone.

Anyone know where I can find said requirements?

Firefighting boots

It’s really hard for everyone right now, but especially those who are directly affected by the Colorado fires. No one feels the loss and pain more than they do. Except maybe the firefighters.

Four Mile Canyon Fire as viewed from Highway 119; this fire occurred in Boulder a couple years ago.

Maybe they aren’t the ones physically losing their house. It might not be their neighborhood, their barns, their ranches, or their shoes, burning down, but in a way it is.

When a firefighter puts on his boots, it becomes his job, her responsibility, to protect the people and homes in danger. In a way, it’s like protecting their homes because they care so much and work so hard.

They put on their boots knowing they’re going to war for people, knowing they’re going to war for themselves. Not an easy thing to face. It’s not easy to face losing your house, losing your treasured possessions, and they understand that as much as anyone.

That’s why they wear firefighting boots.

I saw some firefighters at the Alan Jackson concert at Red Rocks last night, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen a hero get that kind of applause from complete strangers.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people affected by, and fighting, the Colorado wildfires.

All I want for Christmas

I definitely don’t need any more shoes, but what girl doesn’t want a new pair for Christmas?

But, I don’t want a conventional pair. What I’m really craving right now is something outrageous, something refreshing. Right now, I have the pumps, the athletic, the boots. I have what’s there. I want what’s not.

Here’s what I’m thinking: 70’s platforms, 80’s colors, 90’s patterns, and the present day mod. A tall order, I know, but I’m sure I can find SOMETHING out there.

I want something that will stand out at night, something that will make people stop and stare. I just haven’t found it yet.

So while that would make the ultimate Christmas gift, I think for now I can settle on some Nike trainers.

An epic pattern...An epic color.

Recently someone asked me what my favorite pair of shoes is. I had no answer; that’s like asking a parent to pick a favorite child. It’s not possible. However, I do have favorites for different occasions, shoes that come through for me time after time.

The first (and this doesn’t mean my favorite) pair I love are my black ankle boots. They got with everything, and I mean everything. They look good with casual jeans, professional dress pants, church attire, and a fierce going-out outfit.

The second I love are my gray suede flat boots. Again, these are incredibly versatile but very comfortable. They don’t make me taller than everyone around me but also make me look sophisticated.

I do also love my thigh-high leather boots.


The third are my pink open-toed four-and-a-half inch heels. I love these for one reason: my legs look sexy and my butt looks tight.

The fourth are my Chuck Taylors. A classic that everyone should have.

There are so many more. I hate having to choose which pair to wear out or to dinner or whatever. I can only hope I am not the only one with this dilemma.

These are better for the water.

Even though I live in Colorado and it seems that winter is never going to come, I have seen some boots show up on the few days we have gotten some snow. Most people wear sensible, warm boots to, well, be sensible and warm. But upon observing some of the latest fashions, I have to say that some people (and I’m mostly talking about women) are not using their heads when it comes to winter boots.

I myself own a pair of Sorel boots. For those of you unaware, Sorel is one of the best snow boot makers out there. From their inner fleece linings to the studded tread, the boots are not only warm, but protect against water and slippery ice. And I will admit, though mine aren’t the cutest in the world, the company is coming up with some fabulous designs that let men and women alike be fashionable and smart.

But what about those buying what I’m going to call “the other guys’ boots”? I’m talking about knock-off Uggs, the barely-there sued things. There’s no rubber, no lining, no traction. The only thing they’ve got going for them is (sometimes) style. they make NO sense for Colorado, or most any, winters.

Yes, there’s such thing as spray-on water proofer. But if you want to survive a cold snowy day, that’s only going to get you through half of it. As someone who’s tried it, I know that after a few hours, they will leak and the lack of lining will leave your feet cold.

I own several pairs of “the other guys’ boots”, but a word to the wise, keep them for the fall and let the real boots take on the winter.

Cute...for mild weather.

I love my “hippie” boots; their suede fringe just adds so much personality to whatever outfit I decide to wear. I had wanted a pair for years, but didn’t get an opportunity to buy some until my sophomore year of college. And I haven’t looked back.

Perhaps the fringe is what defines these shoes. It adds life to the boots if you will. They move in rhythm with you, musically keeping the beat of your life, telling the world that you are alive and thriving. The fringe is symbolic of the heart beating in my chest.

For the most literal wear, pair them with a long skirt.

They go with jeans; just roll the pant legs up.


But it also makes a small sound when I walk. It’s like a whisper at my feet, driving me on to be confident enough to dress how I want, that I am beautiful no matter what. The secret whisper reminds me of that.

Don’t even get me started on the sued. It’s so soft that I don’t want to stop touching them. They feel like clouds on my feet, guiding me through the mundane world of loafers and crocs. And they are even soft on the inside so every once in a while, I get bold and wear them without socks.

The infamous “hippie” boots are perfect for every outfit I could possibly come up with simply because they have so much personality. So what are you waiting for: go get a pair.

For warmer weather, wear them with shorts.



The famous boots

As soon as I bought them, my fiancé rolled his eyes and wondered out loud if I would be able to even use them. Yes, they seem as if they aren’t logical, but damn do I love my thigh high boots!

I was inspired to get them by a professor I had in college who always looked like a rock-star; she had the most AMAZING boots and I knew that I wanted some, too.

So I went online to Victoria’s Secret and found the perfect pair: thigh-high, fold-on-top, leather, 4 1/2 inch platforms. They look killer with everything from a short skirt to jeans. And of course, they make my long legs look even more so, which of course is every girl’s dream.

So the true question is: are they logical? Sure! I have worn them several times. I’ve worn them to dinner, to a bar, to a club-style bar, to every other situation. I even wore them for Halloween last year when I went out as Lady Gaga. They couldn’t be more perfect.

Sure they hurt after about an hour and I usually have calf pain the next day, and yes, it’s crazy. But I still love them and think every girl needs a pair like them!

They are versatile: you can leave them up, or fold them down.

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