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My attempt at fixing my broken flip-flops.

I was simply sitting at my computer, minding my own business and working on some stuff for next week, when all of the sudden I felt a freeing breeze through my feet that was very odd. I knew what was going on but didn’t want to believe it. So I looked down, and there it was, my worst nightmare come true: the strap on my glittery gold dress-up flip flops had completely broken free from the base.

The first thing that went through my mind: NOOOOO, these are my FAVORITE dressy flip-flops! I was heartbroken. That thought was followed very closely by, What the heck am I supposed to wear for shoes all day?

On the very good advice of a friend, I employed my rarely-used stapler (in a world dominated by technology, who uses a stapler on a regular basis?) and MacGyver’d a fix that can limp them through the day…I hope. Right now, I’m barefoot, but if I have to get up to use the bathroom…it could be disastrous.

My only other saving grace is the fact that I have my running shoes here, so if worse comes to absolute worse, I’ll wear them. I mean, who doesn’t think that wearing beaten up running shoes in an office wearing your nice work skirt and shirt isn’t hot?

The only thought that is lingering in my head is this: I will have to throw them out. There’s no ifs, ands or buts about it. For someone like me, that’s like throwing out your most precious jewelry or a treasured family heirloom.

What’s your worst shoe nightmare?

Until next time, shoe lovers!


I love shoes; I will change the pair I’m wearing up to three times a day just so I can get my fill of their amazing-ness. But sometimes, when I’m tired or feeling like I need to be free from the world, I just don’t want to wear any shoes.

Putting on work shoes every day just reminds me of the duties, obligations, and responsibilities I carry. Not that there’s anything wrong with making a little money.

Putting on heels to go out on weekends reminds me of how hard I feel like I have to work to look good and how tired my feet are afterward. Not that there’s anything wrong with my 5-inch stilettos.

Putting on running shoes reminds me that I have  along workout ahead of me and that I’m going to be way more tired after a run than I’ve been all day. Not that there’s anything wrong with being healthy.

Sometimes putting on all the shoes I have to wear to perform the duties my life requires is just too much; sometimes I just have to get back to the bare natural me, the me who makes me feel good and relaxed. Those are the “shoes” that I need and want to wear on a regular basis.

It seems contradictory, and I’m  going to guess that my few readers would never think they would hear me say it, but I’m going to: sometimes, you just don’t need shoes.

A perfect end to a perfect day: barefoot.

Remember the days when you ran around barefoot? When the mud gushed through your toes and you could feel the coolness of it? Remember how summer grass feels? Sometimes, going back to the most natural state of walking around is just so…soothing.

When I’m feeling tired after a long day of wearing so-so shoes on a cement floor and have walked up and down the stairs a million times, and my feet are screaming to be comforted, I strip them down to the bones and relax outside with a glass of wine. I let my toes soak up the grass blades, let them absorb the sun rays, and watch the bugs crawl across them.

It can be so nice just to be without shoes because then, truly then, you let your feet breathe. They inhale with you. They remind you of being young and careless. They don’t have to deal with the pressures that a job and heels put them through. Like you, sometimes your feet just need a break.

Like you, they need to be naked, free of societies constraints.

When they feel so overwhelmed that they just can’t take it anymore, release your feet from the leather, the suede, the mesh. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.