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I can NEVER make up my mind. In fact, it occupies almost my entire morning. Yes, sometimes choosing an outfit is hard and that will take up time. But even harder is choosing which pair of shoes I’m going to wear.

Ah such a reliable boot!

Ah such a reliable boot!

It’s not like I have a lot of options (ok that’s a lie). But in all seriousness, there are only a handful of shoes I own that are work appropriate. I can’t wear vinyl neon orange pumps (they’re slightly uncomfortable anyway), I can’t wear 6-inch heels (not only inappropriate, but also dangerous), and I certainly can’t wear my Asics not matter how badly I want to.

So it’s down to black pumps, robin hood boots, brown ankle boots, two different pairs of flats, three styles of wedges or black ankle boots. You can imagine the conundrum that I go through every morning.

This morning was different. I woke up tired, I knew I had to go Christmas shopping after work (something I dread doing), so I had no problem choosing the robin hood boots. Warm, reliable, comfy, I knew these guys would come through for me.

And who knows: maybe I’ll find a new pair at the mall tonight! (In my defense to my husband, I haven’t bought a pair since October and I’m having SERIOUS withdrawals.)

Until next time, shoe lovers!


Companies are always coming up with something new; that’s how they show they are improving their product, and, let’s face it, it’s how they get you coming back for more. This week, a guest writer has put together an article about the Wave Inspire 9. Matt Duncan reveals what’s so special about this new release and why you should buy it (if you need a stability running shoe that is).


The Inspire 9 is a great shoe for the pronator.

It’s the New Wave Inspire 9! You heard me right! Mizuno has done it again! By maintaining the legendary mid-sole that is all things light, supportive and long lasting (lasting around 600 miles) Mizuno has produced a new version of the Inspire that is nearly a full ounce lighter than last year’s model.  The shoe still retains all the awesome legendary qualities that make it an excellent choice for any runner who may need a shoe designed for moderate over pronation.  But how did they do it?

The new model received a complete tune up on the upper, receiving a new lighter weight recycled mesh and redefined toe box that will better accommodate both a foot that may have bunions or sore metatarsals. It also has retained the same mid-sole for long life on the roads, and the same carbon infused rubber on the out-sole that will make sure you get tons of amazing miles out of these shoes. The really cool part is that Mizuno has kept the price the same as last year and with the weight as low as it is, it will be a go to choice for any runner of any level!

Thanks, Matt, for the update. Until next time shoe lovers!


These are my husband’s favorite!

It’s the first time I’ve ever heard him say it. MY husband ACTUALLY said that he has a favorite among all my pairs of shoes. He ACTUALLY admitted that there’s a pair of shoes he likes. All I can say is, he better be careful because I’m the kind of girl that will go out and buy several more pairs of the same style.

This pair is none other than my chunky brown ankle boots that I would classify as motorcycle style. They are a bit narrow in the front, are NOT logical for walking around in, and are probably one of my favorites as well.

They have a suede texture to them, have buckles at the top, and lace up the front. Such a classic look. And they go with almost everything, even darker colors that I would traditionally pair black shoes with. I think it’s because of the bad-girl style that they remotely imitate.

And that’s the best part: it’s not like they’re unprofessional. In fact, I wear them to work often. And out. And to dinner. I wore them shopping once, but that was dumb. No matter what the occasion, it seems that these shoes are a reason to be thankful that I have an addiction. What shoes are you thankful for?

Until next time, shoe lovers!

Scary Halloween Addictions


Jack-o-lanterns aren’t that scary, but a shoe addiction is.

Is your wife or daughter constantly going shopping? Are you finding bags and boxes from designers you’ve never heard of? Does your mom have a separate account she hides from your dad so she can go buy more pairs of shoes?

Yes, guys, I’m talking to YOU. These are all signs of a (not-so) rare addiction that can be helped only through the greatest of interventions: shoes! (Signal to play music from Psycho in the scene where she gets stabbed.) This is a very scary thing, and when it comes to Halloween, don’t let it overtake your fun. Get her help. Otherwise her (and I’m guessing your’s as well) closet will look like mine.

So while you’re watching American Horror Story remember that there is a greater horror story that could be going in your bank account. Happy Halloween folks and don’t forget to tune in this Friday for the shoe of the week!

I was thinking back on my days of shoe selling this weekend and reminiscing on all of the knowledge that I used to impart on customers. It reminded me on how important it is to wear the right running shoe for your foot, so I thought a good review on how to properly fit a shoe might be in order.

You obviously won’t be fitting your own running shoes since you can’t get a good look at your feet without totally distorting every angle, but there are things to


The Saucony ProGrid Guide has a gray color on the outer sole, a clear indication of a stability shoe.

keep in mind. First, how do you (or how does the person you’re fitting) stand? Do their ankles turn in towards each other? Are the arches flat or mostly flat? When squatting, do the knees knock together, not going straight down? This is a pronator, and pronators need stability. Stability shoes are traditionally marked with a stiff, gray-colored foam on the inside outer sole.

If the ankles do not roll in but instead stand in a straight line, this is a neutral stance. When squatting, the legs go in a straight vertical line down and up. The arch has a modest curve upwards. Neutral runners do not need correction. By far and large, they have the widest variety of shoes to pick from.

Lastly, there are the people with such high arches, you could drive a car under them. These are the supenators or under pronators. Their ankles face AWAY from each other. This type of stance requires a high- cushioning shoe, something that is built up around the outside part of the outer sole.

Of course there are many things to consider. Don’t do this if you don’t know what you’re doing; see a professional. And if your feet hurt when running? Definitely go get fitted.

Decorating My Own Shoes

I got the idea from an episode of Best Ink. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it was a show about tattooers who were competing for money. All in all, it was slightly dumb but still fun to watch. Some of them were actually pretty good, but of course it ended up being more about the drama. I digress.

I got the idea from that show. One challenge was to paint a pair of boots. (The boots weren’t real, just a 3-D canvas shaped like boots.) They had to use ingenuity to paint a design on the boots. I want to do that, just on a real pair.

One guys painted this tiger eye with the surrounding facial fur; it was a really neat design and looked way cool. I would wear those. I love tigers. I think I would also paint something like a hippie boot, with tons of colors and peace signs. I love colors.

All I need now is a pair of blank white boots that take fabric paint, paint that will hold up to the beating a shoe can take, and oh yeah, I need to learn how to draw. Peace signs are easy enough but if I wanted to do something cool (like a tiger) I would need some artistic talent. Maybe I’ll just hire someone.

Anyone know where I can find said requirements?

I’ve been wearing a pair of green shoes for one year straight. It’s my favorite pair of shoes; the color is a beautiful vibrant green, they have rhinestones that glow and sparkle when you look at them. They have very little heel so they are comfortable and make my legs look stunning.

I’m talking about the shoes I wear as a wife.

What a freaking cliche. But as I reflect back on the year that my husband and and I have been married I realize that the green heels I wore on our wedding day were more than just a pair of shoes. They were representative of everything I was to experience as part of a pair (pun intended).

It’s no secret that green is my favorite color; it’s my last name now. Who would’ve thought? I live my favorite color every day, I am married to my favorite color. It’s also no secret that I love a little bling. I like to be out there, to be someone that everyone wants to be around. Because of my husband, I sparkle that much brighter. And of course he is the person I feel most comfortable being around.

And it’s no secret that I love shoes, so naturally I’m spoiled because he likes to let me buy shoes (ok maybe not LIKES, but he lets me sometimes). Looking back on this post

You only need a dab of hot glue for the rhinestones.

makes me gag a little from the corniness, but when you share a passionate love with someone that is also represented through a huge addiction, you tend to go a little overboard…Happy anniversary Tyler Green!

(On a side note, I did NOT receive a pair of shoes or a gift card to anywhere that sells shoes as an anniversary gift, mostly because the rule still goes that I’m supposed to get rid of three pairs for every one bought, and that hasn’t happened in a while.)

I like Asics; I’ve made no secret of that over the lifespan of this blog. It’s my go-to brand for not only shoes, but phenomenal running clothing. But I think my 2170’s might have a competitor in the Mizuno Wave Inspire.

I’ve worn them for a couple runs; I’ve had them take me through short 10 minute speed runs to some 5-mile distances. And I’ve discovered that, even though these are considered a traditional running shoe, it feels like there’s nothing on my feet.

The Wave Inspires are so light I feel like I’m not wearing shoes, yet they offer the perfect amount of stability. I felt supported, comfortable and bouncy in these shoes. So


I’m digging these Mizuno Wave Inspires.

farm their wear has been good, though 6 to 8 months down the line will be the ultimate determining factor.

I have Race for the Cure this coming Sunday, and I can honestly say I’m not sure which brand I’m going to sport. What do you, my readers, think?

Shoes made in the USA

It’s no secret that a lot of things are manufactured outside of the United States these days. For me, it’s a double-edged sword; on one hand, I consider the low prices, but to be honest I’ve had family members lose jobs because of outsourcing. And the shoe industry is no exception.


I don’t believe any of my shoes are made in the Unites States.

When I worked at Dick’s Sporting Goods, there was one shoe in the entire store that was made in the United States. Amazing. But not surprising. While I don’t expect things to change any time soon, I did come across a very interesting article at work a few days ago.

The American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) stated that there was a “7.9  percent surge in domestic footwear manufacturing…in 2011” according to AAFA President and CEO Kevin Burke in a 4-traders AAFA article. Interesting. Not a huge number, but one that I didn’t expect. Burke also stated that the U.S. footwear industry accounts for “more than one million U.S. workers”.

I think this a good thing. If it means jobs, I’ll pay a little bit more for my Steve Maddens, albeit grudgingly.

The number that did surprise me was this: the U.S. volume consumption for footwear in 2011 was down 3.8 percent, or 21.8 billion pairs of shoes. I thought my addiction alone would have taken this number a different direction…

For more information, check out the AAFA article at–15222962/.

I got a new job; finally I was able to break into the journalism world! It has offered a lot of exciting opportunities as well as a great career change, but it has also rendered another change: a change in shoes.

Brooks Pure Cadence

I got spoiled wearing running shoes to work every day…

When I worked at Dick’s Sporting Goods, I wore athletic shoes every day, and it really spoiled me in terms of comfort. I got to choose from the plethora of Sauconys, Brooks, Mizunos, and Asics in my closet knowing that I would feel good about my choice. I knew I would be comfortable every day without even having to think about it.

When I worked there, I only wore heels to go out or for special occasions. I enjoyed wearing them because I loved looking good, and, let’s face it, I loved the way they made my legs look. But I always ended the night thinking, “Boy, I’m glad I get to take these off”. After just a few hours, they did start to hurt.

But now I’m wearing them for work. Granted, this is not required; I can always wear flats or kitten heels. But of course, as said before, they make you look good. They can also make you look more professional. So now I’m trying to find a comfy pair that looks good but doesn’t leave my feet screaming for mercy.

There’s always going to be changes when switching jobs,but most people don’t think about the changes in shoes. Only us addicts really think about that!

Charlotte Russe special

Yeah you look fine, but in a few hours you will feel the opposite.