Brooks Pure Cadence

When I put on my running shoes, I feel like I could run for miles.

Can shoes alter one’s personality? I would very heavily argue yes. Ok, it’s not like you can put on a pair of knee-high gold-lined boots and suddenly become Wonder Woman or wear some black leather combats and suddenly you’re Batman.

What I’m saying is that certain pairs of shoes can feel empowering. For example, I bought a pair of motorcycle boots this weekend. (I donated six pairs to Goodwill last weekend, therefore I was granted permission to get a new pair for those of you wondering why my husband allowed that.) When I wear them, I feel pretty badass. I feel like I could drive a motorcycle, kick butt in a bar brawl and street dance with the best talent out there.

But anyone who knows me knows full well that I don’t have a motorcycle license, I have skinny little chicken arms that couldn’t knock out an elderly woman, and I certainly can’t dance, at least not well. I kind of wriggle around and pretend I can dance; usually I’ve had some liquid courage at that point.

This happens to me a lot. When I don my running shoes, I feel like a marathoner, even though recently I can hardly run 2.5 miles. When I put on my cowgirl boots, I want to swing dance and ride a horse. My point is that sometimes specialty shoes can encourage confidence and help uncover hidden passions. Not every shoe is capable of this (I’m thinking your worn-out work tennis shoes that you mow the lawn in…but you never know).

Seriously think about it the next time you slip on your favs; why are they your favorite, what do they inspire in you, how do you feel when you wear them? Who knows, maybe your boots will inspire you to fly the Invisible Airplane.

Until next time, shoe lovers.