Black and white shoes create an easy canvas for personalization.

I read this interesting article published a year ago in the magazine I work for. It was about creating custom kicks. Of course, I’m drawn to anything about shoes, but this particular article intrigued me for a couple reasons: one, creating customized footwear is something you typically associate Nike (and a high price tag) with. Two, I seriously want to create my own shoes.

I think it goes without saying that a lot of people want custom shoes, but the reason we don’t get them is it’s very expensive. I get that. It’s a lot of extra time, man-power and material to create just one special pair of shoes. But the concept of the article is that you already have your run-of-the-mill shoe, you just add your own flair after you’ve bought them.

It’s concept I’ve wanted to do for a while, but since my husband has enacted a strict shoe budget (which mean’s fewer pairs and fewer materials to decorate them with) I’ve been unable to do much. Would it be crazy to invest all of our savings into a shoe decorating business?

But seriously, it’s really fun to get creative. So, if you want a pair of shoes that is your personality down to a T but don’t want to spend then money, do it yourself. Hobby Lobby has great coupons you can print and you can design a pair you already have to meet your needs.

Oh, here’s the article I was talking about for a little inspiration!

Until next time, shoe lovers!