These are my husband’s favorite!

It’s the first time I’ve ever heard him say it. MY husband ACTUALLY said that he has a favorite among all my pairs of shoes. He ACTUALLY admitted that there’s a pair of shoes he likes. All I can say is, he better be careful because I’m the kind of girl that will go out and buy several more pairs of the same style.

This pair is none other than my chunky brown ankle boots that I would classify as motorcycle style. They are a bit narrow in the front, are NOT logical for walking around in, and are probably one of my favorites as well.

They have a suede texture to them, have buckles at the top, and lace up the front. Such a classic look. And they go with almost everything, even darker colors that I would traditionally pair black shoes with. I think it’s because of the bad-girl style that they remotely imitate.

And that’s the best part: it’s not like they’re unprofessional. In fact, I wear them to work often. And out. And to dinner. I wore them shopping once, but that was dumb. No matter what the occasion, it seems that these shoes are a reason to be thankful that I have an addiction. What shoes are you thankful for?

Until next time, shoe lovers!