I got the idea from an episode of Best Ink. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it was a show about tattooers who were competing for money. All in all, it was slightly dumb but still fun to watch. Some of them were actually pretty good, but of course it ended up being more about the drama. I digress.

I got the idea from that show. One challenge was to paint a pair of boots. (The boots weren’t real, just a 3-D canvas shaped like boots.) They had to use ingenuity to paint a design on the boots. I want to do that, just on a real pair.

One guys painted this tiger eye with the surrounding facial fur; it was a really neat design and looked way cool. I would wear those. I love tigers. I think I would also paint something like a hippie boot, with tons of colors and peace signs. I love colors.

All I need now is a pair of blank white boots that take fabric paint, paint that will hold up to the beating a shoe can take, and oh yeah, I need to learn how to draw. Peace signs are easy enough but if I wanted to do something cool (like a tiger) I would need some artistic talent. Maybe I’ll just hire someone.

Anyone know where I can find said requirements?