I’ve been wearing a pair of green shoes for one year straight. It’s my favorite pair of shoes; the color is a beautiful vibrant green, they have rhinestones that glow and sparkle when you look at them. They have very little heel so they are comfortable and make my legs look stunning.

I’m talking about the shoes I wear as a wife.

What a freaking cliche. But as I reflect back on the year that my husband and and I have been married I realize that the green heels I wore on our wedding day were more than just a pair of shoes. They were representative of everything I was to experience as part of a pair (pun intended).

It’s no secret that green is my favorite color; it’s my last name now. Who would’ve thought? I live my favorite color every day, I am married to my favorite color. It’s also no secret that I love a little bling. I like to be out there, to be someone that everyone wants to be around. Because of my husband, I sparkle that much brighter. And of course he is the person I feel most comfortable being around.

And it’s no secret that I love shoes, so naturally I’m spoiled because he likes to let me buy shoes (ok maybe not LIKES, but he lets me sometimes). Looking back on this post

You only need a dab of hot glue for the rhinestones.

makes me gag a little from the corniness, but when you share a passionate love with someone that is also represented through a huge addiction, you tend to go a little overboard…Happy anniversary Tyler Green!

(On a side note, I did NOT receive a pair of shoes or a gift card to anywhere that sells shoes as an anniversary gift, mostly because the rule still goes that I’m supposed to get rid of three pairs for every one bought, and that hasn’t happened in a while.)