I got a new job; finally I was able to break into the journalism world! It has offered a lot of exciting opportunities as well as a great career change, but it has also rendered another change: a change in shoes.

Brooks Pure Cadence

I got spoiled wearing running shoes to work every day…

When I worked at Dick’s Sporting Goods, I wore athletic shoes every day, and it really spoiled me in terms of comfort. I got to choose from the plethora of Sauconys, Brooks, Mizunos, and Asics in my closet knowing that I would feel good about my choice. I knew I would be comfortable every day without even having to think about it.

When I worked there, I only wore heels to go out or for special occasions. I enjoyed wearing them because I loved looking good, and, let’s face it, I loved the way they made my legs look. But I always ended the night thinking, “Boy, I’m glad I get to take these off”. After just a few hours, they did start to hurt.

But now I’m wearing them for work. Granted, this is not required; I can always wear flats or kitten heels. But of course, as said before, they make you look good. They can also make you look more professional. So now I’m trying to find a comfy pair that looks good but doesn’t leave my feet screaming for mercy.

There’s always going to be changes when switching jobs,but most people don’t think about the changes in shoes. Only us addicts really think about that!

Charlotte Russe special

Yeah you look fine, but in a few hours you will feel the opposite.