When I first donned the Saucony Progrid Guide, it was truly my first experience wearing the brand. Although I’ve sold their shoes for over a year, knew what they were about, and researched the features, I didn’t really understand them until the smiled back at me from below. I’ve had mixed feelings about them ever since.

Even though I’m not 100% sold on the performance, I do like the color scheme of the Saucony Progrid Guide.

I’ve had them for about two months now. The first couple times I wore them, they felt too stiff and not all that soft (as compared to my all-time favorite Asics 2170). As a stability shoe, one expects a little stiffness, but I was a little irked to find I wasn’t comfortable in them. So for a while stopped wearing them since, after all, if your feet ain’t happy, no part of the body is.

But I decided to give them another go when I started having major hamstring issues and needed to wear a stability shoe at work. (Of course I would NEVER wear my nive running Asics to work). After some time, my foot has settled into the shoe. While I still feel that Saucony has not been able to match the Asics gel, I have managed to form the Prgrid Guide to my foot. I am happy to report that I now like them.

A few things to keep in mind: not every brand works for every person; everybody is different. If you have a wider foot, then I would 100% recommend the Saucony Progrid Guide. If you need a stiffer ride, then I am fully behind this shoe. Overall, I’m about 80% satisfied with the Guide.