I wonder what their shoes feel like. Does the Dream Team get a new pair of Nike Hyperdunks for the Games? Does Lolo Jones wear spikes that are too tight like most track stars?

Mostly I have to wonder what those shoes feel like steeping out in front of a live audience of thousands upon thousands and a TV audience of billions. Those shoes must feel pretty bouncy, pretty adrenaline-filled I would imagine.

Winning a gold medal must make your shoes feel like they could carry you farther than you’ve ever been.

Do they strap on their kicks with the same ritual before each event? Do they care about the color or are they so mundane that the shoes just get slipped on without a thought?

Whatever the case may be, they are always big shoes to fill, even if you are Michael Phelps and you don’t wear any shoes to help you win. Winning 22 gold medals is still an enormous shoe print to leave.

Their shoes are famous; they’re powerful; they are inspirational. Most of all, their shoes have worked hard to get where they are and I’m sure it feels pretty darn good to wear the tight-fitting shoes of an Olympian.