The rule for me is: for every new pair of shoes you get, you have to donate three pairs. That’s straight from my husband’s mouth. In true addict fashion, I guiltily admit that I do not always abide by it; it’s more of an option in my eyes.

All jumbled around, it really does appear that I have a problem…

The other day, we were cleaning our house very thoroughly and he asked if I was going to tackle my shoes. Meaning they were taking over the closet and spilling out into the room.

So I finally did it today (I took my time getting around to it). And looking at how nice they look, I had an epiphany: organizing them makes my shoe collection look way smaller than it really is.

Now when he says you have too many shoes, I’ll just show him the organization and say, “It’s not that bad. Look: there’s plenty of closet space.”

To those of you out there with this problem, I highly recommend this method to make your addiction appear not so out of control. It’s pretty sweet.

…but organized, it just looks like a typical woman’s closet!