The other day, a customer came to visit me to get a new pair of athletic shoes. She picked out a couple and requested size eight and a half. A half hour later, after she tried on five or six pairs all in the same size, I patiently recommended that she try on a nine seeing as how all the others were a half size too small.

She gave me the most horrified look, and with all of the uppity attitude in the world, said, “I DO NOT wear a size nine. If none of these shoes fit me in eight and a half, then I will just have to find one somewhere else that does.”

Women: WAKE UP. If the shoe is too small, don’t wear it! I wear nine and a half, sometimes ten. Do you think I don’t wish I wore something smaller? Yes, but I don’t force a shoe to fit.

Why? Let’s see: blisters, bunions, lost toenails, curled toes, sore arches, sore back, heel problems…the list goes on.

Why do women try to force their feet into shoes that are clearly too small? I never see men doing that. The only thing I can think of is that women think smaller shoes look cuter; that rationale couldn’t be sillier.

Women be crazy. After seeing all the ugly feet I’ve seen, I caution the women of the world to wear the right size.