It’s really hard for everyone right now, but especially those who are directly affected by the Colorado fires. No one feels the loss and pain more than they do. Except maybe the firefighters.

Four Mile Canyon Fire as viewed from Highway 119; this fire occurred in Boulder a couple years ago.

Maybe they aren’t the ones physically losing their house. It might not be their neighborhood, their barns, their ranches, or their shoes, burning down, but in a way it is.

When a firefighter puts on his boots, it becomes his job, her responsibility, to protect the people and homes in danger. In a way, it’s like protecting their homes because they care so much and work so hard.

They put on their boots knowing they’re going to war for people, knowing they’re going to war for themselves. Not an easy thing to face. It’s not easy to face losing your house, losing your treasured possessions, and they understand that as much as anyone.

That’s why they wear firefighting boots.

I saw some firefighters at the Alan Jackson concert at Red Rocks last night, and it’s been a while since I’ve seen a hero get that kind of applause from complete strangers.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to all the people affected by, and fighting, the Colorado wildfires.