I love shoes; I will change the pair I’m wearing up to three times a day just so I can get my fill of their amazing-ness. But sometimes, when I’m tired or feeling like I need to be free from the world, I just don’t want to wear any shoes.

Putting on work shoes every day just reminds me of the duties, obligations, and responsibilities I carry. Not that there’s anything wrong with making a little money.

Putting on heels to go out on weekends reminds me of how hard I feel like I have to work to look good and how tired my feet are afterward. Not that there’s anything wrong with my 5-inch stilettos.

Putting on running shoes reminds me that I have  along workout ahead of me and that I’m going to be way more tired after a run than I’ve been all day. Not that there’s anything wrong with being healthy.

Sometimes putting on all the shoes I have to wear to perform the duties my life requires is just too much; sometimes I just have to get back to the bare natural me, the me who makes me feel good and relaxed. Those are the “shoes” that I need and want to wear on a regular basis.