I was thinking about something I said to a family member yesterday and it kind of made me laugh. I said, “I don’t pick out my outfit then add a pair of shoes; I pick out a pair of shoes then add an outfit.”

I really do. So you know the movies where the woman is trying on everything in her closet trying to decide what to wear for a date and she one by one eliminates them in exasperation? Well that’s me only with shoes.

And what’s worse is I make my husband help me decide. I’ll pick out four pairs that I want to wear that night, bring them all out to the living room where he is trying to watch TV, and try each of them on while saying to him, “These? (while standing on one wobbly foot) or these? (switch to next foot)”. He rolls his eyes and says, “Whatever don’t make you several inches taller than me.”

Then I thought to myself, am I crazy? I want to know if anybody else does this or if it’s just something from a movie?