My passions  are all over the place. One minute, my favorite color is lime green and my favorite song is “Unskinny Bop” by Poison. The next, I’m craving lemon-yellow and cranking “Born This Way” by my girl Lady Gaga. And my shoe collecting is no different.

In the case of last week, I was craving something exotic and a little obnoxious. What I found were neon-orange stilettos made out of none other than my friend from the 80s: vinyl.

The rock my socks (except that combo would look terrible together). They aren’t my tallest heels, so I don’t have to worry about looking like a lanky Frankenstein, but they still give my legs the sexy I like.

Here’s the best part: they probably glow in the darkest hole, and for that I LOVE them. They practically scream, “I’m who I am, like it or not!” That, and I feel like they are a throw-back tribute to the decade I was born in.

If you want some new kick-ass vinyls for yourself, you can find a pretty good selection for a good price at Angels.