I recently acquired a new pair of Wave Rider shoes by Mizuno. Of course, I am not one to ever be upset with a new pair of shoes. So far, these are not the first pair to disappoint me.

I am however in the middle about these, and here’s why: I am an over-pronator, which means I need arch support for my flat feet that roll in. The Wave Rider is not built for that. That being said, I have use them at work and not to run in because they do not feel like the right kind of support for me (and they wouldn’t be).

However, I do like the way they perform at work. They are comfy, have good cushion, and feel pretty good on the cement floor. My one issue I have is they hug a little too tight on my heel; I felt a bit of pressure as I walked around today.

Overall, I am very please with this shoe. While my particular foot strike doesn’t allow me to run in these, I do recommend them for neutral runners and for work. Plus, the color is so fun!