A few nights ago something happened that I never thought would: I actually let my husband watch Modern Marvels when I was at home. Even crazier, I was the one who really wanted to watch it. There could be only one explanation: it was about shoes.

Of course it wasn’t a fashion show about what’s hot and the latest style, but it was interesting. It explained some of the history of modern work boots and heavy duty shoes. They showed how the shoe itself is made in the factory.

The show started out about Vibram soles, a specific brand that does mostly soles (however they are now popular for their pioneering Vibram Five-Fingers). It was so interesting to see how one of the most durable soles around today is the way it is: durable.

So while the show wasn’t exactly what I typically watch or exactly what I wanted out of it, I still found myself fascinated. Who wouldn’t be interested in the history and making of the very thing they are addicted to buying and wearing?