I was on a mission, a mission to find a most epic pair of wedges. I had been searching for several weeks for the pair that exactly matched my vision: I wanted what they had in the 70s.

You know, those wedges that the hippies wore that were totally outrageous? The ones with seventeen different colors and patterns on them? I wanted something like that. Two weeks ago, I found them. There they were in all their glory: a striped pattern on the wedge itself made up of several different colors and the perfect height to boot.

But these lovely shoes made me reflect on something: time periods, though unique to themselves, seem to cycle through every couple centuries. You might think it’s just limited to clothing ( I have a pair of bell-bottoms in my closet) but it’s really in everything, including shoes.

Next time you’re in your closet or you have a craving to buy a new pair, think about it: are you buying it because you really liked a certain time period?

My newest acquisition: a tribute to the 70s.