My Asics have seen better days!

Every day, customers come in to our store and ask me, “What’s the best running shoe I can get?” They want to know the best quality and how to make the most of the shoes.

I ask questions; I give advice; I match them with the proper shoe. One of the most common issues people have that I hear about is that their shoes they currently wear are starting to hurt. And my question is, “How long have you had them?”

The problem is, is shoes break down pretty quickly if you run a lot. Say you run three to five miles a week for five days a week. My advice is get a new pair of shoes after about six to eight months. No longer.

I tell all my customers that. The funny thing is I’ve had my running shoes for about a year and a half. I’ve run a marathon on them. I’ve done anywhere between 25 and 45 miles a week in them. They are so broken I laid awake all night last night because my shins hurt so bad.

So don’t do what I do. Practice what I preach. Your body will thank you.