Sure, we’ve all done it: gone for the cheap way out. We buy off-brand sugar, shop at money-saving places like Walmart, and stretch our car’s gas tank to the limit. But there is one corner you should never cut and that’s your feet.

These guys won't be the only happy campers if you pamper them with the right shoes.

It’s amazing what unhappy feet will cause; shin splints, swelling and aching, and lower back pain are all symptoms of having improper shoes. And not only do these problems come from improper support, but they also stem from a cheap pair.

Price is almost always indicative of how good the shoe is. You go to Walmart or Kmart and you pay $20 for a pair of some no-name brand. Sure, your bank account is none-the-worse for the buy. But over a short period of time, you start to notice your feet hurt more and more, your back is aching, and you can’t even stand for longer than 10 minutes without some pain.

You get what you pay for; you buy cheap, you get pain. You buy a little more pricey and you get happiness. It’s simple science, and your entire body will literally thank you for it.