I recently joined a gym. Somehow it’s more motivating when you have to pay

These did well in a real-life experience.

to get a good workout. It has not only cardio perks, but also weight-lifting facilities. And since I should probably use my new Nike cross-trainers for something other than style, I decided to break them out.

And, typically not a Nike fan, I was not disappointed. I was using some free-weights to do lunges, squats, presses, and other assorted lifts, and I’ve never felt more connected with the ground.

The grip was phenomenal, the balance was great, and the stability felt awesome. Because they are built flatter than running shoes, they give the best performance desired during a free weight session. They also have a little bit of tread, i.e. they aren’t smooth like a court shoe, so I felt completely stable.

All in all, I give the Nike Free Trainer a rating of eight out of ten. They were awesome (but I took a little off because somehow my feet are still a little wide for Nike, so they felt snug…my own fault I suppose).