Sometimes it’s just too tired to keep going; the shoe has seen better days. When it’s been a long-lived life, you need to let go and throw them out.

The time to throw out your shoes depends on the shoe itself. Do you run more than five miles a day for five days a week? Do you wear your shoes every day all day for everything? You are looking at six to eight months. Do you wear them only twice a week for special occasions? You’re looking at around a year.

But more importantly, you need to focus on what the shoe has done for you in the past compared to what it’s doing for you now. In the past, the shoe made you feel comfortable, warm, tingly, and good. It was reassuring and always there for you. Now, it squeaks, it ignores your wants, it’s semi-uncomfortable to wear, and just feels like it’s letting you down.

Time to say goodbye.

It’s hard to admit that a shoe that’s been so good to you is now no longer there for you, but time changes everything.

Let go; they’ve served you well. There’s always something else out there that will be just as good and help you in your current life.