My newest pair...but I will never fall into the site's trap again.

They are everywhere. New websites are springing up overnight (it seems) that sell you shoes for just $39.95 a pair. Recently, I have seen ads for,, and many others that offer any pair of shoes for the same low price.

I will admit that I recently purchased a pair from; I got the first pair half-off. But to be honest, the website is EXACTLY the same as all of the others. (As an addict, I have to check them all out.) You sign up, take a style quiz, they show you the styles that match your answers, you pick one, and buy it. Most also try to convince you to add accessories on to your purchase.

It’s a cool concept, but not when you repeat it, copy it, use it as your own. Truth be told, despite all the talk, I don’t know which is the original. Really, these sites are just another trap for people like me; it convinces the buyer that he or she is getting a great price, but really you buy more items so you aren’t saving anything.

Yes, I fell into the trap. That doesn’t mean I think these numerous sites are good. Come on, people, one is enough.