These are better for the water.

Even though I live in Colorado and it seems that winter is never going to come, I have seen some boots show up on the few days we have gotten some snow. Most people wear sensible, warm boots to, well, be sensible and warm. But upon observing some of the latest fashions, I have to say that some people (and I’m mostly talking about women) are not using their heads when it comes to winter boots.

I myself own a pair of Sorel boots. For those of you unaware, Sorel is one of the best snow boot makers out there. From their inner fleece linings to the studded tread, the boots are not only warm, but protect against water and slippery ice. And I will admit, though mine aren’t the cutest in the world, the company is coming up with some fabulous designs that let men and women alike be fashionable and smart.

But what about those buying what I’m going to call “the other guys’ boots”? I’m talking about knock-off Uggs, the barely-there sued things. There’s no rubber, no lining, no traction. The only thing they’ve got going for them is (sometimes) style. they make NO sense for Colorado, or most any, winters.

Yes, there’s such thing as spray-on water proofer. But if you want to survive a cold snowy day, that’s only going to get you through half of it. As someone who’s tried it, I know that after a few hours, they will leak and the lack of lining will leave your feet cold.

I own several pairs of “the other guys’ boots”, but a word to the wise, keep them for the fall and let the real boots take on the winter.

Cute...for mild weather.