As a shoe addict, every time I buy a pair I get a huge rush. But I really need to slow down and think of all the reasons I’m thankful for shoes instead of just focusing on the high I get from buying them! So here it goes.

I’m thankful for shoes because…

They let me enjoy things like hiking, running, and dancing.

They make my feet feel comfortable during work.

The heels make my legs and butt look nice!

Their colors and styles represent my eccentric personality.

There are so many styles out there I can have one for every outfit.

Even when I’m relaxing, I can wear slippers!

I have protection against the craziness of nature.

I can bond with other shoe addicts over one common subject.

My knowledge about them can be shared with others.

They are the only thing I’ve ever collected.

There are so many other reasons to be thankful for shoes. Please share the reasons why you are thankful for them, or anything else! Happy Thanksgiving everybody!