You only need a dab of hot glue for the rhinestones.

It was a real problem; I couldn’t find any shoes that I liked that didn’t make my taller than my beloved groom. It sucks being a tall girl for that reason and that reason alone. Plus, I needed to find something inexpensive as I believe there are more important things to spend your money on when it comes to your wedding.

And then it hit me: I have this wonderful pair of green heels in my closet that are not only my favorite color, but are low enough to keep me short enough.

But I still wasn’t fully happy with them. I believe in bling and looking the most fabulous on your wedding day. But yet another brain-storming session led me to a craft store, where I quickly found what was needed: some hot glue sticks, two chains of heart beads, and some rhinestones.

After only a mere 30 minutes, my shoes were complete. Thanks to a generous donation by a best buddies’ mom, I got the shoes for free. All in all, they only cost me $6.43.

Here’s how to do your own shoes for any occasion: find a pair of simply shoes in your closet. By simple I mean there are no patterns, there’s enough material to decorate, and they don’t already have bling. Then head to your favorite craft store and just start to wander around. I can guarantee you will eventually see some material or some beads that catch your fancy.

If you don’t already have a glue gun, you can purchase small ones for about $15 and and a small bag of glue sticks for about $5 at Walmart. For these kinds of projects, you only need the small size. Then get creative! Glue your finds anywhere on the shoe you see fit. It’s easy and doesn’t take long.

Trust me: a DIY kit for shoes is more fun than buying them because they have your own personal touch and you spend less!