I love my “hippie” boots; their suede fringe just adds so much personality to whatever outfit I decide to wear. I had wanted a pair for years, but didn’t get an opportunity to buy some until my sophomore year of college. And I haven’t looked back.

Perhaps the fringe is what defines these shoes. It adds life to the boots if you will. They move in rhythm with you, musically keeping the beat of your life, telling the world that you are alive and thriving. The fringe is symbolic of the heart beating in my chest.

For the most literal wear, pair them with a long skirt.

They go with jeans; just roll the pant legs up.


But it also makes a small sound when I walk. It’s like a whisper at my feet, driving me on to be confident enough to dress how I want, that I am beautiful no matter what. The secret whisper reminds me of that.

Don’t even get me started on the sued. It’s so soft that I don’t want to stop touching them. They feel like clouds on my feet, guiding me through the mundane world of loafers and crocs. And they are even soft on the inside so every once in a while, I get bold and wear them without socks.

The infamous “hippie” boots are perfect for every outfit I could possibly come up with simply because they have so much personality. So what are you waiting for: go get a pair.

For warmer weather, wear them with shorts.