Warm weather can only mean one thing for your feet: sandal time. It’s now sunny enough to let them breathe after a long winter. Some people even go buck-wild, wearing them all day every day.

I love my sandals. I have several different styles ranging from flip-flops from Old Navy to strappy flats from Payless. What makes sandals amazing is that these days there is a style for everyone! (Not to mention they are perfect for going from walking to being in the water.)

Like any shoe, however, there are pros and cons for the wearer. If you are the flip-flop fiend, then know that they can lead to serious ankle, heel and sole problems according to a research done at Auburn University. It’s the same thing as barefoot shoes: when you drastically change your shoe choice, you drastically change everything about your stride.

For example, people who walk in flip-flops have to scrunch their toes to hold them on (don’t lie, you know you do it!). The study at Auburn also found that people’s “people’s strides are shorter, and their ankles…turn in slightly, which could lead to ankle and hip issues.” In other words, be cautious about how often you wear them.

But what about the strappy things? Those, too, can lead to heel problems simply because they can be so flat and hard.

But don’t downplay these awesome summer buddies. They are also great for so many reasons: cooler, comfy, easy to slip on, they go with everything…the list goes on.

What are your favorite summer sandals? I want to see them, so send me some pics and leave me some comments!

These are currently my favorite...