The other day as I was laying on the couch, I thought about all the things I’ve put my shoes through. Depending on which ones they are, they each have a different story to tell. Here’s what I think they would say:

Running shoes: “That marathon was one of the greatest things I’ve ever done, followed closely by hiking Mt. Princeton.”

Work/old basketball shoes: “Why the hell don’t you get some deodorizer?!?”

Lace-up dress boots: “I know I’m your favorite. You wear me to almost EVERY social event.”

Thigh-high leather boots: “Why don’t you wear me more? Graduation was fun and all, but I want to PARTY!”

High school Nikes: “Mowing lawns, shoveling dirt, and weed-wacking have been fun and all, but I think it’s time to retire…”

Ballerina flats: “Dude, you just KILLED that interview. Hopefully you get the job.”

DC skate shoes: “I know your fiancé is super jealous, but let’s face it: I look better on your feet.”

Flip-flops: “Hampton Beach was wicked fun, but a little chilly. But I can honestly say I’m  a badass because I walked in the Atlantic Ocean.”

Broken flip-flops: “That trip to California was epic! Our first plane-ride, first time to a beach, trip with your parents…but maybe you should throw me away.”

What stories would your shoes tell? Would they tell of world adventures, or a fun run you went on?