I am proud to say I am now the owner of some new platform pumps!

I recently went on a shopping trip to the Flatirons mall with my best buddy Kaitlin and found a deal I couldn’t pass up. We wandered in to Charlotte Russe, where we saw a 50% off shelf. And the most beautiful pair of heels graced the top shelf.

They are a light rose color, have netting around the straps, zip up the back, and of course, they are the classic pumps. The heels reach a whopping five inches tall accompanied by a one inch platform. All in all, they are the perfect pair that can go with anything from jeans to a pencil skirt.

What’s so great about these shoes? Everything. They are versatile: you can wear them to work (granted you have a job that requires dressing up), you can wear them with jeans when going out for a casual dinner (to dress them down), or you can wear them with an LBD for cocktails and dancing with the girls.

As a woman who is already 5′ 9″, they do make me tower over most everybody, but you know what? It doesn’t matter! What these shoes say about a woman who is already tall is that you have confidence to rock whatever you want! And just tell your boyfriend that your legs (and other body parts) will look fabulous.

Short, tall, professional, and fun, these heels are a perfect addition to my growing family.