It’s warm outside, which means SO many different things: hiking, barbecues, sports…the list goes on and on. But perhaps the nearest and dearest thing to me would be summer running. Today I ran outside in 65 degree weather; you can’t beat that. So get out of the gym, get off your ass, and get on some trails.

There’s nothing better to supplement your run than a new, good, pair of running shoes. Don’t go on a run in you six-month-old, tired and worn-out shoes; get something new and comfortable.

Why? Running shoes that are more than six months old are no good. They have seen too many miles and are probably getting close to blowing out on the sides. What with everyone putting emphasis on light-weight, breathable shoes, you can’t put much more than this time-frame into them.

You also want new ones to avoid pain and injury. Old shoes leave your body susceptible to shin splints, lower back pain, injuries, and a slue of other problems. It would not be fun to watch the summer from your couch.

On a side note, May is National Runner’s Month. A lot of stores are having sales, offering deals, and talking about great, high-end running shoes. Now is the rime to head outdoors and get a good workout in.

I love my Asics 2150's, perfect for over-pronation.