It’s May and the weather, while still chilly, is finally starting to warm up. It’s nice to take walks, play in the park, and take time to do one of the best things to do in Colorado: go hiking.

With the Rockies jutting straight through our great state, there are options from easy hikes to 14,000 ft. peaks. I love to get outdoors, and this summer, my fiancé and I hope to hit a couple 14ers. My biggest concern is that I don’t have any hiking shoes.

I recently bought my fiancé some Merrell brand shoes to hike in: they are comfortable enough for him to use as everyday shoes yet offer the traction and durability of a hiker. They also breathe wonderfully for the hot summer temps that Colorado can reach. And now I’m jealous.

Merrells fit me great, too, so naturally I want some. But being on a tight budget with rent, bills, and upcoming nuptials,  I can’t afford a good pair, so I’m sort of stuck. I used to hike in my running shoes, but that’s no good.

Why? you may ask. They don’t have the best traction, they aren’t a durable, and plus once I blow them out, I’m in worse than I was to start with, needing hikers AND runners. Of course, one option is to get some trail running shoes. But I’m still looking at affordability.

Here’s the thing: just because I can’t afford them, doesn’t mean you can’t. They are a good price for excellent shoes. Whether you want Timberlands, Keens, Columbias, or Merrells, they have to fit right for you. And trust me, if you are  hiker, the money is worth it; you don’t want to risk injury or any other problems.

As summer hits us, look for some great trails where you can wear some great shoes.

Hikers are better than any other shoe if you want to enjoy some mountain fun.