Yes, I watched most of the Royal Wedding. I have to admit, it was a little boring watching all of the ceremonial stuff that had to be done, but you know what? I could tell they really are happy; the way they looked at each other, the stolen smiles, the way the eyes sparkled. No matter all the craziness, stress, and people surrounding them, Kate and William are officially married.

But, being who I am, I have to admit: I just wanted to see the shoes! According to Radar Online, her shoes were designed by the Alexander McQueen team. They were hand-embroidered with lace. And I still have yet to see a perfect picture of them!

I can only speculate that they were relatively comfortable. I mean, to walk down that miles-long aisle in anything but comfy would be hell. And as someone who is also getting married soon, I can say that she would be dumb not to pick something logical yet fashionable.

And of course, they had to match the dress. It was simple and elegant, which was perfect for her, so of course I have to think that her shoes would be along the same lines.

But…the infamous “but”. I also know that Alexander McQueen does most of Lady Gaga’s shoes. From the alien-style glitter in her “Bad Romance” video to all of her VMA outfits, the shoes have never ceased to wow the crowd. So the crazy girl in me has to wonder…did they look like something out of Gaga’s kingdom?

Whatever the case may be, I’m sure they are exactly what she wanted. After all: she is a princess, and princesses get what they want.

Too bad she couldn't go the simplest of all...