Ah, the classic Chuck Taylors: everyone knows this universal shoe company for their classic shoe styles. They are the original, the best. The Chuck Taylor star has lasted for a long time, and it’s no wonder. Everyone loves them.

When they got their start in 1908, Converse shoes were an instant hit. Beginning with basketball, these shoes gained momentum throughout the years with both sports shoes to lifestyle shoes. And they have never looked back.

Perhaps the best thing about Chucks is their versatility. They provide every look from the classic, basic style to crazy colors and wild designs. If you like basic, then the basic white, sole-stripe, flat shoe with a single star and color are for you. If your personality is outgoing, outrageous and bold, get something with color and excitement.

Who doesn’t love Converse? You can design your own, find them at any stores from Target to specialty shops, and love them! And the funny part is, you can wear them for anything. Fro a casual work environment to a game of basketball, if your foot loves them, they love you back!

The reason I talk these shoes up? I have a couple pairs that I LOVE! They are colorful to match my personality, comfortable and fun.

Get a pair and you won’t be let down.

The crazy patterns match any personality.