You might know you are a footwear salesman when…

you see a pair of shoes on someone’s feet and know what brand, name, and size they wear.

you dream about shelves of shoes.

you know a tennis shoe is different from a “tennis shoe”.

stinky feet no longer phase you.

you know why one cleat that looks EXACTLY like the other costs $60 more.

you can balance eight shoe boxes stacked on one arm, can open a door, can answer a phone, and talk to a customer next to you all at the same time.

you can open 100 boxes and check that the shoes inside are mates in 20 minutes.

the word “shank” doesn’t mean to stab someone with a sharpened toothbrush.

you can recommend a shoe to someone who overpronates, needs extra ankle support, is looking for a wide toe box, has previous injuries, runs about five miles a day, wants to spend under $80, and has color preference.

But most of all, you know when you are a footwear sales associate when you have more than 40 pairs of shoes in your closet, you keep buying more, and shoes are the one piece of clothing you love best; then is when you know you belong in the profession.