As soon as I bought them, my fiancé rolled his eyes and wondered out loud if I would be able to even use them. Yes, they seem as if they aren’t logical, but damn do I love my thigh high boots!

I was inspired to get them by a professor I had in college who always looked like a rock-star; she had the most AMAZING boots and I knew that I wanted some, too.

So I went online to Victoria’s Secret and found the perfect pair: thigh-high, fold-on-top, leather, 4 1/2 inch platforms. They look killer with everything from a short skirt to jeans. And of course, they make my long legs look even more so, which of course is every girl’s dream.

So the true question is: are they logical? Sure! I have worn them several times. I’ve worn them to dinner, to a bar, to a club-style bar, to every other situation. I even wore them for Halloween last year when I went out as Lady Gaga. They couldn’t be more perfect.

Sure they hurt after about an hour and I usually have calf pain the next day, and yes, it’s crazy. But I still love them and think every girl needs a pair like them!

They are versatile: you can leave them up, or fold them down.