They always say that the first step is admitting it. Ok, so I admit it. I am VERY addicted to shoes. In my house here in Denver I have a mere 43 pairs. But that is not the extent of it. I have three pairs in my car, so totaling 46 pairs in Denver. Once I graduated college last year, I officially declared that I have moved out of my parents’ house. But I still have shoes there. Rough guess? 10 pairs, bringing the grand total (to my knowledge) to 56 pairs.

The funny thing is, I donated about 6 pairs in the last year, so near as I can tell I owned over 60 pairs in the last year. I call that addiction.

But I’m not the only one. I’m sure there are more of you out there who can’t walk in to a shoe store without purchasing a pair. It’s a real epidemic.

Why do I do this? I feel like I need something for everything: I have heels of different sizes; tennis shoes for working out; high tops when I’m feeling like a tomboy. That’s not all. I have Chuck Taylor’s, Steve Madden’s, Nike’s, and Asics among other name brands. And because of my collection, I truly do have something for every occasion.

And I am also proud to say that I have worn EVERY pair at least several times simply because I think every shoe deserves its day in the sun.

Do you have a shoe addiction or just want to share your love or picture? Please, leave me comments, share your pics. I’d love to show the world our passion for footwear!