Yes they hurt; normally we wear them a size too small so our feet look smaller; but damn! do high heels make our legs look good!

Every girl, in my opinion, needs a pair of heels. And I’m not just saying this so every man turns his head to watch your backside disappear around the New York City corner. I’m saying this because it’s essential to so many aspects of life.

First, girls need heels for the professional world. Whether it’s a interview, a desk job, or an office party, you need to look good; you need to look professional. Heels assist in the professional look as well as demonstrate that you made the effort to look good for something important.

Another reason a girl needs them is for special events and formal occasions. Weddings, professional parties, etc. are reason for heels. sure, not every wedding is super formal, but what about the ones that are? Don’t be the one showing up in flats and capris.

And of course, a night out is lost without these shoes. Yes, it hurts at the end of the night and yes, they are hard to dance in. But I’m not going to lie: men LOVE girls who wear something to push their tushies up.

Keep in mind ladies, that they aren’t always necessary. But also keep in mind that they don’t always have to be high, either. Something that adds as little bit of height gives you just enough glam.

And if you are tall, they still work. Stick with kitten heels. Or, show off your confidence and beauty by going with some 3-inchers. It’s ok, trust me; I’m 5’10 and I LOVE my 4-inch platforms!

Low or high, get your heel on!