As promised, today I will talk about other shoes for other people other than those of us with high arches. And while I will only be looking at Asics shoes, I promise if you stick with me, throughout the next couple days I will look at everything from Mizunos to Brooks.

So the Asics 1150 is a shoe built for those with lower arches but who still need some support. How, you may ask, will I know if this is the shoe for me? Look at the bottom of your shoes! If they are worn on the insides at the front, you pronate. If not, there is a shoe for you supenators (in other words, you roll your feet to the outside.)

Any Asics with extra gel stability in the heel and front is for the supenators out there. Gel Nimbus is the best, and of course one of the most expensive. But I promise, if you spend $139 on your shoes now, your lower back will thank you later.

Of course there are many more. You just need to ask for a little help to see what’s best for you.

For those readers out there who are bored with running shoes, have no fear! Tomorrow holds something a little more…sexy.