Whether it’s long distance or just for fun, the right shoe makes all the difference.

I love to run. I think that a lot of you out there share my sentiment. But it wasn’t always that way. When I was wearing shoes that didn’t give me the right support, running HURT.

Of course now that I do have the right shoes, running is pleasurable. What’s the right shoe for me? Asics 2150. And it sure doesn’t hurt that they are pink and yellow and shiny, either.

The Asics 2150 have built-in arch supports for someone who over-pronates. In other words, someone who rolls their feet to the inside when they walk; someone who needs arch support.

They aren’t so high that it over-corrects it, though. That’s important to keep in mind when looking for arch supports of any kind: too high, and you will end up with all sorts of problems from blisters to joint and feet pain. Keep that in mind when you say “I have high arches.”

For anyone looking for good running shoes with a good amount of arch support, I recommend Asics 2150. If you are looking for something lower or higher, or even a different brand? Well my friends, tune in tomorrow for that…