After four years of building the most solid and beautiful relationship, my boyfriend popped the big question! And since then, we have been starting to plan and talk about all the details: time, place, guest list, and of course money.

But just a week after the proposal, I realize that I am falling into that trap: worrying too much about the wedding plans and losing my focus on the most important part, which is being in love. Between the DJ and the flower girl, couples often forget just to stop and focus on each other.

Marriage is about love, making that vow that you will spend your life together. It isn’t about the invitations or the registry. It doesn’t matter who is there as long as you and your significant other are wrapped in each others’ arms, gazing deeply into each others’ eyes, passionately in love.

My biggest advice when you plan your big day? Don’t forget each other. Take some alone time where you talk about the excitement of love instead of the excitement of the dress and tux. Feel the love, and the rest will come.