Everyone is still talking about the Superbowl and all of its beauty. The halftime show, the pregame entertainment, the commercials, and of course the game itself. Society in America, and even other parts of the world, has put so much emphasis on this once-a-year event that when things don’t blow our minds, we are quick to criticize everything.

Of course one of the biggest things everyone is tweeting about is Christina’s botched National Anthem. As one of the most important songs in our nation’s history, I have to say it kind of was a bummer to see one of my favorite singers mess it up. Like everyone else I look forward to the pregame entertainment and when it doesn’t live up to expectations, it’s sad.

But I still love her as an artist. Her voice is beautiful, I think despite her changing appearance she is still gorgeous. All in all, even though it’s a major mistake, I don’t think it warrants crazy reactions. In fact, I agree with her fellow celebrities and still stand by her.

When it comes to the halftime show, honestly I wanted to tear it apart. The Black Eyed Peas didn’t dance, didn’t move around, and relied on the tons of neon dancers to entertain the audience. In my opinion, the group everyone wants to see should be the ones in charge of entertainment.

The saving grace of that, however, was Usher. He danced, he sang, he impressed me by doing what he is supposed to do: entertain us.

The game itself was by far the best entertainment of the night. It was close, many players had a good game, and the best part for me? Big Ben fell hard.

The only thing that didn’t live up to my expectations this year were the commercials. The Vader car commercial was the best, Pepsi Max was ok, and the rest were just terrible.

All in all, the Superbowl and all of its blinged-out promises are a big question mark as far as living up to the expectations of the masses.